What To Do If The Water From Your Tap Is Rusty?

Baths, showers, and sinks are some of the most commonly used fixtures in a home. That’s why it’s so important to understand what causes rusty water from your faucet and how to fix it. Get it fixed by an experienced plumber in Brighton before it gets worse. This article will cover all you need to know about rusty water: what causes its appearance in the first place, whether it’s safe or not for bathing or drinking, and how to get rid of this problem if it happens.

Why Is My Water Rusty?

The most common cause of rusty water is a build-up of iron in the pipes. If you have hard water, you may also notice that it can sometimes leave deposits on your dishes and make them look cloudy. Call a plumber in Brighton immediately rather than trying any DIY. The easiest way to tell if your tap has rusty water is by looking at the colour of the water coming out from it. If the colour appears brownish or reddish, then you might have a problem with rust and should consult with an expert plumber as soon as possible so that they can inspect your pipes for any issues or damage.

Is Rusty Water Safe to Bathe In?

If your tap water is rusty, it can be unsafe to drink. It’s also not recommended for bathing or washing dishes, clothes or plants. In some cases, however, you might want to give it a try anyway—but only if you’re willing to take on the risk of consuming it. If you’re uncertain whether your tap water is safe for bathing or washing clothes: Test the water with an acid test kit (available at most hardware stores). If the results are negative and there are no visible signs of rust anywhere in the house or if they indicate a very low level of iron in your water supply, then it’s probably safe enough for handling basic chores like cleaning clothes and bathing without worry about getting sick from ingesting any contaminants present in the rusty water.

What Causes Rusty Water from Your Faucet?

Rusty water is a common issue in many homes, especially if your water has been sitting in the pipes for several hours. If you notice that your tap is rusty, it’s likely that there are a few different factors contributing to this problem. If you have a faulty water heater or if one of the elements of it has gone out, you may experience red or brownish-coloured taps when the hot water comes on. The appliance works by heating up cold water from your city mains before pumping it through pipes throughout your home to provide hot showers and warm baths at any time of day or night—and unfortunately,y this process can also cause rusting on those same pipes (or other appliances) due to oxidation caused by contact with oxygen in air over time! Consult a plumber Brighton expert if you notice other plumbing issues with rusty water.


If you have rusty water from your tap, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, is the water safe? While rust can cause aesthetic issues, it is not necessarily harmful to human health. However, it can affect the quality of your water in many ways. For example, rust can be bad for your plumbing system as well as for your skin if you wash with rusty water or use it for bathing purposes. As such, we recommend calling a plumber if you notice any kind of discolouration coming from an indoor faucet or shower head.

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