Some Handy Tricks for Household Plumbing Issues

There could be chances where you are not able to hire the professional Plumbing Newcastle agency. IN such conditions, you need to follow the below tips.

Don’t Hesitate to restore Parts Inside Toilet or Faucet

It could be messy to apart pipes under the shower or sink if you make even a single mistake. However, you don’t damage the toilet flapper or cartridge of the faucet too much extent. I the flapper is worn, it could be because of leaks between the bowl and toilet tank. They only cost some dollars to get them fixed. Also, you might even get some easy to follow instruction guide.

Use a chemical-free method for removing a clog

Is your drain clearing slowly? You don’t have to buy the costly chemical drain cleaner. Manually unclogging a drain with the help of a drain snake is also a great idea. All you have to do is just insert it into the drain and pull the clog culprit back out. In case you don’t want to do it, try using the dry or wet vacuum to such out the clog.

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See is the Showerhead has Issues

Thread tape can also be used for easy fixing a drenched showerhead. The leak could mean the threads are not linking firmly. Take off the showerhead with the help of a screwdriver. Apply new tape by covering in a clockwise direction, and attach again to end the drops.

In case the showerhead is still blocked, soak it in a bowl of warm water & vinegar solution for at least an hour. Loosen the minerals that might be leading to blockage with the help of a small brush.

Use thread tape instead of thread sealing

Thread sealing, also known as ‘pipe dope’ can drip and smear easily. For a DIY project with pipe threads around the house, thread tape is the perfect choice for good. You can also shop for a multi-purpose tape that is normally white. Thicker tapes are pink for water and yellow for gas. Try a thicker option for easy handling.

As you wrap the tape, roll it counterclockwise around the strand. If you can’t roll it into a tight space, wrap some turns of tape around the cheap pen and apply from that. You will need to wrap the tape around the pipe thread three times for better results.

Try some heat for loosening water pipe fitting

Is it becoming difficult to get that trap under a pipe or sink fitting no matter how much you try with a wrench? The hardened fitting could be responsible to budge the fitting with brute strength.

You can heat up the pipes to loosen the hold. All you need is a small propane torch that can be the best heat source before moving ahead. It will do the work and you will not face the same issue again.

So make your life easier with the help of above Plumbing Newcastle tips.

To ensure your plumbing system is running smoothly, hire professionals for regular checkups.

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