Unknown Non-Recyclable Things To Avoid Throwing In Your Skip Bins

Every Day, You Might Have Been Throwing Such Debris in Skip Bins Adelaide That are Not Even Recyclable. Read Ahead To Find Such Things!

Skip Bins Adelaide

  • Drink Cartons & Paper Cup

Both drink cartons and paper cups polished with organic matter, which makes them unfit for the recycling process. In addition, these containers are lined with indestructible plastic. These layers cannot be recycled.

  • Paper Napkins, Towels, and Tissue Products

Paper napkins, towels, and tissues are made of paper but are considered contaminated. There can be a lot of culprits – from hygiene material to food residues, toilet use, and body fluids. This makes these materials unsuitable for recycling.

  • Nappies

You might be surprised getting nappies’ name in this right? But, nappies are made from composite material. The composition of various material and human waste are the reasons why almost 3.75 million nappies are dumped landfills every day.

  • Loose Bottle Caps

Do you know that plastic bottles are disposable but not the loose bottles? Moreover, many plastic bottles are not even made of the same plastic-type. All these bottle caps have to be sorted separately. However, the big plastic lids are recyclable.

  • Mobile Phones, Batteries, and Electronic Waste

These are recyclable but one should not throw them in Skip Bins Glenelg. Mobile phones, batteries, and electronic waste can be hazardous to handle. All these categories have a separate drop off points and you should find it for proper disposal.

  • Wires and Foils

Metals can be reused but not all pieces. Tiny aluminum foil and thin metal wire pieces don’t have enough material for the recycling process.

  • Ceramics

People have this misconception that ceramics are recyclable as they have a glass-like appearance. The truth is – ceramics are not recyclable. Thus, don’t throw your broken crockery, bone china, or kitchenware in the recycling skip bins.

  • Cardboard or Paper Food Containers

Grease and food residue impacts the quality of cardboard and paper as that of human waste. That’s why food containers made of paper and cardboard are not suitable for recycling. For say, used paper plates, paper takeout containers, and pizza boxes are the ones you shouldn’t throw in skip bins. Grease and oil present in food can complicate recycling or even jam the recycling machine. Besides, if you clean the containers before throwing it, it can be recycled. However, most of the paper and cardboard food containers end up in landfills.

  • Shredded Paper

Many companies shred paper documents before throwing for safety purposes. But, shredded paper can’t be recycled. When you shred a paper its natural fibers are destroyed. Even if it is recycled, it will not hold its natural shape, which is of no use.

  • Grocery Bags

The grocery bags are usually thick, which are made of LDPE (low-density polyethylene). Furthermore, the thin bags out there aren’t suitable for recycling. Thin grocery bags are made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

Skip Bins Lonsdale

So, don’t throw the above non-recyclable things in your Skip Bins Lonsdale to keep the planet green.

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