How to Use Skip Bins for Effective Rubbish Collection

For effective Rubbish Collection Melbourne, skip bins are an ideal solution. These containers come in different sizes to accommodate varying needs, with their large sizes being able to hold the equivalent of 20 garbage bags full of rubbish! The larger the skip bin you purchase, the more money you will save on waste disposal costs.

Plus, skip bins typically cost significantly less than hiring a garbage truck to take your trash away on its regular rounds.

To learn more about how to use skip bins for effective rubbish collection, keep reading to get all of your questions answered!

Learn the reasons why you need skip bins

Waste is generated in almost every household activity, whether it is through food, papers or any other items. If you’re not careful, you can easily accumulate a lot of waste that will require proper disposal.

Hiring a Rubbish Collection Melbourne service will not be enough, especially if you are generating more rubbish than they can collect from your place. You will need a skip bin instead. Here are some of its benefits.

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Select your bin size according to the type of waste you have

If you’re not sure what bin size you need, it’s best to talk with a skip hire company. They should be able to tell you which one will be most suitable for your Green Waste Removal Melbourne needs. However, if you’re looking at different bins and trying to decide which size is best, these tips will help: Always opt for bigger bins over smaller ones.

Skip Bin Dos and Donts

When it comes to rubbish collection, not all skip bins are created equal. While any skip bin can help in the effective rubbish collection, there are specific kinds you should use—or avoid—depending on what you’re throwing away and why.

Read more about when it’s a good idea to go with a particular kind of bin and when you’d be better off with a different one. We’ve also included tips on keeping your rubbish removal experience as smooth as possible by taking steps like being sure you have an appropriate place for dropping off your bins, getting an early appointment, and making sure your waste doesn’t end up scattered around town.

All that might sound like overkill, but trust us: It will pay off when it comes time to take out your bins!

Get advice about positioning your skip bin on site

The best place to put a bin on site is in an out-of-the-way spot where it’s not going to obstruct pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Don’t forget, skip bins are usually placed against something like a wall or fence so that if someone bumps into it, they won’t have far to fall. It can also help to position your skip bin close enough (and high enough) so that you don’t have excess load before you fill up your skip.


By using Rubbish Collection Melbourne, you can simplify your waste disposal process. You no longer have to find a place in your home or workplace where you can dump all of that junk that you don’t want anymore.

So if you are having trouble with your rubbish, try something new and give skip bins a shot!

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