Compare Wood and Composite Decking to Select the Best One

Searches on Decking Melbourne are breaking all the records. More and more people in Brisbane and Perth are overwhelmed by the idea of decking.

If you find Carports Brisbane a more valuable investment than decking, then you should read this full guide. For your every search of Decking Perth or Brisbane, you will end up with lots of results.

The most troublesome selection is about the material. Whether to choose wood or composite decking to match up with your needs.

We have defined the comparison of them both in this guide for an easy selection.

Wood Decking Composite Wood Decking
There are many wood species available to choose from for the purpose of decking and railing. Homeowners who love to invest in exotic wood species, tropical hardwood decking options such as mahogany, ipe, and tigerwood are perfect. Composite wood decking is also known as wood-plastic composite decking, which was invented in 1980. The material is made up of wood fibres and encased in plastic. Many homeowners find composite wood decking as a good alternative to wood decking.

Comparison of wood and composite wood decking

Homeowners who want to stick to the tradition, choose wood decking as it is available and cost-effective. Yet, issues like rot, high maintenance, and splinters cause lots of issues. Moreover, it would be easy to maintain the composite decking compared to wooden material. Some of the homeowners also believe that composite decking would not look as nice as wood decking, but it’s not a complete truth.

It will depend upon various factors, mostly, your home structure.

Include below points to get a clear vision among composite and wood decking.

–       Maintenance

If you choose wooden decking, you need to regularly paint the deck to prolong its life. On the other hand, composite decking doesn’t require regular maintenance, you can keep it in a good condition by sweeping and cleaning.

–       Moisture

Wood decking material absorbs water quickly. Wood decking could get affected by cracking, rotting, and warping, without needing regular stain or sealer application. Whereas, composite wood decking is moisture-resistant, which will make them easy to install without getting affected by moisture.

–       Functionality

Both of the materials, wood and composite, are easy to cut and bend using smart tools and techniques. While we compare them both, composite wood decking is a more preferred choice as it can be bent easily to form a curved deck part.

–       Insect damage

Composite wood decking is not prone to damage from mites, termites, or any other harmful insects, unlike wood decking material.

Bottom line,

After analysing all of the above aspects, one thing is clear – composite Decking Brisbane is a smart choice. However, there are many factors that may affect your choices such as environment, weather condition, budget, and many more, but an ideal option is a composite that gives shine even without breaking the budget.

Has anyone tried installing decking? If you have had, then share your experience to help others who think of the installation of decking around their home or office.

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