Frequently Asked Questions About the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

With the increasing use of smart and digital technologies, the majority of homeowners have been relying on the technologies. One of those technology is Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum that has made cleaning easier than ever. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum has made the life of working women’s and other people leaving far away from family easier than ever. This blog is all about the questions that are frequently asked by the customers, go on reading the blog till the end!

  • How often it the Xiaomi robot vacuum requires maintenance?

Generally, every homeowner cleans the entire house once a day so, depending on the size of the house and the area you clean, it is important to clean and maintain the robot vacuum every 3 days or a week if you clean alternatively.

  • Do I need to replace if the smart home prompts?

Tips for replacing the side brush, main brush, and filter screen are provided under normal operating conditions, that is suitable for most ordinary users. We recommend that you replace consumables on a regular basis to maintain the best cleaning ability. If the side brush, main brush, or filter screen are not damaged, you can continue to use it after choosing to reset on the mobile client.

  • Can I wash the side brush, main brush or dust box?

Water can be used to clean the side brush, main brush, and dust box. But make sure they are completely dry before you use them for your next cleaning sessions. Please remember to remove the filter screen before cleaning the dust box. The HEPA filter screen will become clogged after being washed, resulting in a loss in filtering performance.

  • Can I wash the filter screen of the Xiaomi robot vacuum?

Macromolecular fibres make up the filter screen. The pore size of the filter mesh is very fine, just micron level, in order to filter minuscule dust. If you clean the filter screen with water, it will become blocked owing to fibre deformation and dust blockage, and it will report an error. As a result, the cleaning ability will certainly deteriorate.

  • How do I remove and clean the filter screen of the Xiaomi robot vacuum?

Please tighten the left filter screen’s position and rotate the filter screen hard to remove it. After removing the filter screen, clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a brush.

  • How do i clean the universal wheel of the robot vacuum cleaner?

The universal wheel can be pulled out once the machine has been turned over by pushing the wheel body upward with force. To separate the bracket and the wheel body, hold the universal wheel bracket and the wheel body upward. Please firmly push and replace after cleaning.

 Winding-up: Hope you found the blog useful and helpful in your cleaning and maintenance. If you have purchased the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Australia then keep the above questions in mind. The robot vacuum can be a lifelong investment if it is preserved with care and proper maintenance.

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