Why Is Freestanding Range Cooker Hot in Kitchens?

When you’re renovating your kitchen or building a new one, there are a lot of appliances you have to consider. You want to choose the ones that will help you cook better and streamline your cooking routine. But some people overlook one of the most useful pieces of equipment in any home: their range cooker. A freestanding range offers many advantages over built-in models—and it’s likely more customizable than ever before. So why should you upgrade from a built-in oven? Let us count the ways:

Freestanding ranges allow you to create a custom look.

A freestanding range cooker is a great option for customizing your kitchen. When you purchase a freestanding range, you have options for the colour, style and size of the range itself. You can also choose the colour, style and size of any hood that comes with the model you are interested in purchasing. The same goes for cabinets and countertops—you can choose whatever works best for your taste and style!

Freestanding ranges offer enhanced cooking space.

You may be surprised to learn that a freestanding Cooker offers more cooking space than a traditional stovetop. The reason for this is that the burners and oven are separate from each other, so there’s more room to move around on either side of your main cooking surface.

The burner section is also larger than those found on other types of stoves, giving you plenty of space for pots and pans when you’re working in the kitchen. Since each appliance has its own cabinet underneath it, there’s more room for storage inside these cabinets as well—which means less clutter in your kitchen!

Freestanding Cooker

Freestanding ranges can be moved if necessary.

One of the most appealing features of a freestanding range is that it can be moved if necessary. If your kitchen is remodelled, you might want to move your freestanding range to a different location in the house. Or, if you want to use the space, it is occupied for other purposes, such as an island or additional counter space; moving it would be easy and practical. If you move into a new house with an existing kitchen that already has a range built-in, then moving this appliance will allow you to replace it with another appliance if desired.

Freestanding ranges come in more styles than ever before.

The range is the focal point of the kitchen, and it’s about time for you to make it shine. In addition to range cookers that create a more spacious, open feel in your kitchen, there are also plenty of today’s options when it comes to style. Whether you’re looking for something with clean lines or something with a little bit of flair, look no further than freestanding ranges!

Freestanding ranges can be customized more easily than built-in appliances.

One of the benefits of purchasing a freestanding range is that you can customize it to match your kitchen’s decor. Instead of being limited to one colour and style, you have more options available. For example, some freestanding ranges come in stainless steel or black finishes; if those aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, there are also other colours such as white, beige and taupe.

Additionally, another great thing about choosing a freestanding range is that they aren’t limited by space constraints like built-in appliances, maybe—this means that they can be smaller or larger than their built-in counterparts! If this sounds appealing to you (or if your kitchen doesn’t have enough room), then going with a custom size may be right up your alley.


In the end, freestanding ranges offer a major advantage. They can be customized to your exact specifications and needs. Whether you need extra cooking space or want to create a certain look in your kitchen, there are plenty of options out there for both new homeowners and kitchen renovation enthusiasts alike!

Written by Orange Blog

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