Why are cubicles making a comeback in the modern workplace?

The cubicle is a polarising piece of office furniture. It might surprise some, but cubicles are making a big comeback in Professional Office Interior Design Melbourne wide circles. While open-plan offices have been all the rage for the past several years, experts are now realising that they can be quite impractical and noisy. But as with many trends, this one has started to reverse itself. We’re starting to see a return to the days when workspaces were more private, with physical dividing lines between employees. The difference is that these newer workspaces are more stylish and can be tailored to individual preferences.

Despite the new work styles, people still need privacy.

Despite the new work styles, people still need privacy. Even if it’s not to focus on a single task for eight hours straight, there are plenty of other reasons that dictate why cubicles may be making a comeback in an office setting:

  • People still need privacy. When you’re working on something sensitive, or when someone comes to brainstorm with you about an upcoming project, you don’t want everyone listening in or even overhearing what’s said. This is especially true if your cubicle walls have holes in them, which can be common in older cubicle spaces. As long as they’re not being used as storage units (or worse yet—as toilets), putting up a few dividers between workers will ensure their conversations remain private.
  • People still need to think outside the box! Sometimes we just need space for our minds to wander freely. But with professional Office, Interior Design Melbourne-wide come up with fresh ideas and solutions—and sometimes those fresh ideas aren’t possible when there are distractions around us all day long (or even next door).

Cubicles can be more compact and efficient.

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The cubicle is the perfect office environment for the busy worker or anyone who needs to focus on one task at a time. This can be especially true in open office plans where noise and distraction are unavoidable. By placing employees into enclosed workstations, companies can save on real estate costs by not needing as much square footage for offices. In addition, cubicles allow for efficient workflow planning by creating clear pathways between departments that don’t get in the way of other employees’ tasks or responsibilities.

Dividing walls don’t have to be boring.

While it may seem like the cubicle is dead, don’t be fooled. The office environment has changed, and so have people.

For example, today’s workforce sees the value in having a more flexible workspace. And while the old cubicle designs will improve and become more popular with today’s workforce, they won’t disappear completely.

So, where does that leave us? Is this another case of “the grass is greener on the other side?” Not necessarily—because there are some major benefits to having a cubicle!

Improve and be more popular with today’s workforce

The cubicles of the past will be improved and more popular with today’s workforce.

  • Efficiency: A well-designed workspace is efficient. With the right workers’ desks, tables, chairs, and storage solutions in place, your employees will feel less distracted by their surroundings and more focused on getting their work done.
  • Affordability: The best way to save money on office space is by leasing or buying a used cubicle system rather than purchasing new furniture makes good understanding of what makes an ergonomically sound workstation successful in an ever-changing economy like yours!
  • Flexibility: Modernised cubicle designs make it easy for companies to adapt quickly if they move locations or add new staff members.
  • Customisation: If you need extra space somewhere else in your office building (such as at reception), it’s easy enough just move some modular pieces around, so everything runs smoothly throughout all areas within any given day.
  • Comfort & Ergonomics: Ergonomic chairs can help prevent back pain caused by sitting too long without taking breaks throughout each day; luckily, there are plenty available these days that offer better support than traditional wooden chairs used years ago during this period — making them even easier for employees who may suffer from chronic back pain due largely


We believe that the cubicle is not going away anytime soon. Cubicles will be there to support them. As a result, many Office Interior Design Melbourne-wide companies are now turning back to cubicles to create more private and quiet spaces for their employees. If you’re considering renovating your office space, you should consider including some cubicles in the plan.

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