What Are The Benefits Of Custom Messmate Furniture?

Messmate timber is a beautiful and hardy wood. It’s been used in homes and offices for decades, but did you know that it’s also an environmentally-friendly choice? I’m going to tell you more about the benefits of custom messmate furniture and why it’s perfect for your home or office.

Environmentally Friendly

By using messmate timber for your furniture, you can be sure that you are making a sustainable choice. Messmate is an incredibly eco-friendly product because it’s made from recycled timbers of Australian eucalyptus trees. This means that messmate can be used in place of new hardwood or even plywood as these products are often imported from overseas.

The harvesting of the trees is also considered to be ecologically friendly as they are only felled when they’ve reached maturity and cease to produce food for the tree (i.e., no seedlings). The harvesting process is carried out during the dormant period when there are no leaves on the tree so there’s minimal impact on other flora and fauna of the forest floor below them.

If you’re looking for furniture which will last you a long time but not cost an arm and a leg, then custom furniture may well be what you’re after!

Stain Resistant

One of the benefits of Messmate timber is that it is naturally resistant to stains. This means that you do not have to worry about messes and spills being difficult to clean or remove. Messmate furniture can be easily cleaned by wiping down with a damp cloth, or using a mild soap and water solution if necessary.

Once you are done cleaning your furniture, it’s important for you to maintain your custom pieces regularly. To protect your investment, we recommend cleaning up spills as soon as possible with paper towel or cloth soaked in warm water and liquid detergent (do not use abrasive cleaners). For more stubborn stains like food or drink spillages, try dabbing with an oil-based solvent such as mineral turpentine – make sure the solvent comes into direct contact with the stain before wiping it off immediately!

custom messmate furniture


The versatility of a custom messmate piece is one of the things that makes it such an attractive option for your home.

  • You can use it anywhere in your home, from a bedroom to a kitchen to even an office or garden.
  • It will work for any age group, from babies to seniors.
  • It can be used for any occasion or event, from holiday gatherings to birthday parties and anniversaries.


Custom messmate furniture is made from a durable timber and crafted by skilled craftsmen. It’s hand-finished, meaning it has been sanded down to remove any imperfections, which gives the wood its unique character. This finish also protects the timber from moisture damage and makes it more resistant to fading over time. In addition to these qualities, custom messmate furniture is strong—the solid construction means that your pieces will last for generations!

Messmate Timber Furniture is made to last.

Messmate timber is a hard wearing timber, it is not affected by termites and can last for decades without any maintenance. The Australian native messmate is one of the most durable timbers in the world, with a life span that averages more than 50 years in outdoor applications.

Because messmate can be used outdoors to create furniture for your home or garden, it will complement your existing décor and add character to your environment. Messmate is easy to care for; just wipe down with soap and water when necessary, or use a damp cloth if you want to keep it looking beautiful all year round!


Custom messmate furniture has many benefits, from being environmentally friendly to its durability. It is a versatile product that can be used in just about any room of the home or office. If you are looking for furniture that will last and keep your place looking fresh, then look no further than messmate timber furniture!

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