Uses of Poly Tanks and Rainwater tanks

Poly rainwater tanks Adelaide come in a variety of slimline and circular shapes and are a cost-effective way to collect vital rainwater. Our poly tanks are made from virgin food-grade polyethylene and come with a full 10-year manufacturer guarantee. Poly Tanks Adelaide will assist you in choosing the most appropriate poly rainwater tank for your area and rainwater gathering needs. Whether you need a big 22,000 litre circular tank to keep your garden running or a little narrow line tank to water a few plants, we’ve got you covered. From foundation preparation to storm water and gutter hookup to plumbing and electricity, we’ve got you covered. You can relax knowing that your installation will be completed professionally and on schedule by qualified tradespeople.

We may just transport poly tanks to your front yard for the DIY enthusiast who knows exactly what they want. If you’re planning a comprehensive system, we’d be delighted to assist with design and material selection, as well as pump, filter, and accessory choices. We can provide a full kit that includes everything you’ll need for the project, saving you time and money on tracking down fittings and parts. Round Poly Tanks Adelaide are by far the most cost-effective option to build a rainwater collection system. They provide the most storage space for the least money. Round rainwater tanks come in a variety of diameters, heights, and capacity to fit any backyard. There’s even a broad selection of colours to choose from to match your decor.

Poly Tanks Adelaide

If you don’t have a lot of room in your garden, a slimline poly tank could be the best option. They’re perfect for filling that empty space along the side of your house or cramming into that gap behind the shed. Slimline Poly Tanks Adelaide come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With capacities ranging from 1000 to 3000 litres and widths starting at 260mm, we have the appropriate tank for your area. Two or more tanks can be connected together to enhance storage capacity by filling and draining at the same time. Your new tank may be connected to flush toilets, power your washing machine, or even serve your entire home to save important mains water.

Adelaide Natural Rainwater was created particularly for rainwater tanks and is the most long-lasting option. It comes in a variety of Colorbond colours, and the steel’s inside surface is bonded with a food-grade polymer liner. This lining prevents corrosion and ensures a long service life for the steel. In fact, a 20-year Bluescope Warranty against rust and corrosion is included. Adelaide Natural Rainwater steel rainwater tanks Adelaide come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as 1000s of colour and size combinations.

We continue to provide galvanised steel rainwater tanks, which are in high demand from clients searching for a cost-effective, attractive rainwater tank. Galv rainwater tanks have been in use for over a century and have shown to be long-lasting and reliable. Consider your folks’ old galv tank in the backyard. How long had it been there before it began to corrode, 20 years or more? Our hefty galv tanks come in a variety of circular forms, with over 70 sizes to choose from.

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