To what level can a leaking shower damage your home?

Homeowners and landlords often ask this question, and for good reason! shower base crack repair are in demand for this reason only.

Cracked shower bases result in leakage, and it is always bad news. The discrete nature of the problem often makes it hard to detect the level of damage caused.

Depending on the amount of water seeping through the gaps, a leaking shower can cause varying degrees of damage. Whether it is a hole in the grout, a broken tile, a cracked base or a split silicon joint, all lead to the same end result.

No matter the reason for the leak, the end product is water reaching some unknown area unsuitable for moisture and resulting in trouble.

We are here to increase your awareness of the red flags indicating a leaking shower and the type of damage it can cost.

How to recognize a leaking shower?

If you neglect to get cracked shower base repairs done on time, it can result in leaky situations.

There are two types of leaks: one that you can see or smell and the other that remains invisible.

Cracked Shower Base Repairs

The latter is hard to recognize, can lead to many severe conditions, and even cause underlying problems in internal plumbing.

Below are some of the most common visible signs of shower leaks:

Flaking, peeling or chipped wallpaper
Dampness in the carpet near the bathroom or other areas
Watermarks on the ceiling near the shower
Musty odours
Mouldy joints
Loose or damaged tiles
Missing tile grout
Bubbling paint on the walls
Wall cracks or visible gaps in the wall
Jammed doors and windows

Damage It Can Cause To The Property

Apart from these obvious signs, a shower leak can cause more severe damage to the property.

Water in the substructure can lead to the build-up of mould or mildew in the foundation. If these are left unnoticed and unattended, they can cause severe damage to the health of the inhabitants and also trigger respiratory reactions.

Dampness can also attract pests, and you could end up with a severe infestation in your home. And we’re all aware of the harm that pets can do to your health and property.

Also, most of the material used in the foundation is not waterproof, and leakage in the foundation can lead to rotten floorboards, beams, joints etc., to the point of collapse.


Clearly, getting cracked shower base repairs done is the top priority because leakage at any level is a nuisance.

If left unattended, these minor leaking shower recess can result in serious health issues for your family and damage your property.

The good news is that these leaks can be detected and repaired quickly. All that is needed is a bit of attention to your surroundings and quick action to prevent the damage from escalating in an unfavourable way.

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