Meth Lab Clean Ups: What You Need to Know

While the extent of your knowledge about meth labs might be limited to what you saw on Breaking Bad, it’s more than likely that you know someone who’s undergone the experience of living with one, whether they were involved or not. If you’re looking to learn more about meth lab clean ups, here are some important facts you should know.

What do meth labs look like?

Meth labs can look like typical houses, rooms, or even closets. They’re frequently located in residential neighbourhoods, either within homes or apartments. Homeowners and others need to be aware of what a meth lab might look like. A growing number of law enforcement and drug rehabilitation professionals are discussing how meth lab clean-up work is becoming one of their biggest areas of concern because of safety issues that can arise during cleanup if certain precautions aren’t taken first.

Why should they be cleaned up?

Meth Lab Clean Ups is a difficult process that requires specific knowledge and expertise. It is especially important for people not familiar with meth lab clean up to know about safety precautions and consequences before attempting a cleanup. Individuals who choose to attempt a cleanup without these qualifications are taking serious risks. During clean-up, dangerous chemicals may be disturbed, including explosive gases such as hydrogen gas and combustible vapours, like anhydrous ammonia.

Meth Lab Clean Ups

How they should be cleaned up?

Meth labs require much more work when it comes to cleaning them up than other chemical spills. For one, meth is extremely toxic and breaks down into chemicals that are potentially explosive. Because of these reasons, it’s best to call a professional for cleanup services instead of trying do it yourself. Before any kind of cleanup can be started, authorities must be notified as well as tenants who may have been exposed so they can seek medical attention if needed. Air monitoring will also need to take place before anything else happens.

How long does it take?

The actual meth lab clean up process is pretty simple. But there are a few things you should know about meth lab cleanup that might surprise you. For example, it’s important to understand that a good meth lab cleanup will take longer than a normal one. The reason for that is because each step of cleanup has to be approached with much more care, and there are several added safety protocols involved in dealing with dangerous chemicals.

Is it safe for my family and pets?

Meth labs are often full of toxic chemicals and dangerous items. These include bottles of acid, glassware, stoves, burners, plastic tubing and other household items. These materials can cause burns and cuts, which means that cleanup crews need to wear proper safety gear while doing their work. The lab itself will be contaminated with toxic chemicals, which means it’s best if you don’t stay in your home while they clean up your lab.

Why hire a professional service?

When it comes to meth lab clean up, you have several options. Most homeowners decide on a self-cleanse, which may seem like an affordable option at first. But we strongly discourage that route. When dealing with hazardous waste like cleaning up a meth lab, it’s best to trust trained professionals who have experience and know what they’re doing—rather than spending hours or days trying (and most likely failing) to do it yourself.

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