Know Everything About ECU Tuning Melbourne

Follow this brief guide to know everything about ECU tuning Melbourne.

What Does Exactly ECU Do?

The ECU needs contributions from vehicle sensors like the driving rod sensor and camshaft sensors to register the data utilizing a program that has been put away in the ECU on a programmable memory chip. There are diverse ECUs used for various frameworks on the vehicle. The distinctive ECUs utilized can be for the transmission, foothold control or ABS, AC, body capacities and lighting control, motor, air sacks, or some other framework a vehicle may have. A few vehicles may join more than one ECU into a single unit called a power train control module (PCM). These units can be a preferred position by having more modules in a separate area yet might be a hindrance by adding longer wires to arrive at the segment it works.

ECU Tuning Melbourne

Where Can I Find/Locate My ECU?

This data can be found relatively simple on the web. We have aggregated a rundown of all the regular makes of vehicle and put the areas of the vehicles ECU. This will get refreshed regularly.


Mainland GT Under Plastic Panel at N/S/R of motor inlet x 2 ECUs


On most models, the ECU is situated underneath the wipers behind the plastic trim. Audi R8 has 2x ECU’s located in the back motor sound


For the most part, is situated Under Bonnet behind the board at the back of circuit confine plastic box close to the battery


Fiat COUPE DUCATTO, MAREA, MULTIPLA, PUNTO Inside vehicle, traveller front footwell Under Bonnet in the motor inlet


Citroen AX, CS, SAXO, XANTIA, XSARA, ZX Under Bonnet in the motor inlet


Renault 19, MEGANE, ESPACE CLIO, TRAFFIC 21 TURBO Under hood on drivers side Under hood Under cap close to battery


Honda CIVIC, PRELUDE Passenger front foot well under the floor covering or above the glove compartment


Mazda 6 and most different models are Underneath cover in traveller side footwell. RX8 Inside plastic box O/S/F Of motor straight


Isuzu TROOPER Inside Vehicle on the traveller side


Hyundai COUPE Passenger front foot wall under the floor covering


In plastic box close to battery Inside Vehicle under driver’s seat. In plastic box close to battery Range wanderer Sport are Behind battery N/S/R of motor inlet

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Peugeot 106, 206, 306, 307, 405 and 406 205,309 Under Bonnet in motor sound or Inside vehicle over guiding section


Evo models are Above glove box traveller side. Shogun/L200 is Above Passenger side external kickboard


On most models, the ECU is situated underneath the wipers behind the plastic trim.


Nissan S13/300zx Inside vehicle, behind focus, reassure Passenger front foot well under floor covering Navara pre-2005 are Behind focus comfort Navara 2005> are O/S/R Of motor inlet X-Trial Above Glove Compartment, 350z, 370z under the hood


On most models, the ECU is situated underneath the wipers behind the plastic trim.


Wanderer 200, 25D, 45D, 75D Under hood on traveller’s side

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