Hire The Best People And Avoid These Common Recruitment Pitfalls

If you’re in charge of hiring staff, it’s vital that you hire the best people available and avoid the common recruitment pitfalls. You can take the help of It Recruiter to avoid these pit falls. This article will teach you how to avoid these mistakes so that your company can get the most out of its hiring process.

Hiring the best people

One of the most important things to do when hiring for your company is to determine who would be the best fit for your team. And, as you likely know, finding the best people can be challenging. There are a lot of things to consider when hiring a new employee without the help of Executive Recruiters, so making a mistake can have disastrous consequences. 

You may be tempted to hire friends and family members when looking for new hires. This can lead to less qualified candidates, which can result in low productivity and high turnover rates. The best people to hire are those that have gone through the recruitment process before and know what to expect. 

The most common recruitment pitfalls as per the Executive Recruiters are:   

  • Not knowing what is on a resume and not reviewing them in a timely manner. 
  • Review resumes for spelling, grammar, and proper format. 
  • Not reviewing resumes for professionalism. 
  • Sending the wrong message to candidates. 
  • Not conducting a thorough background check. 
  • Not using a reliable, professional recruiting agency.   
  • Experiencing an applicant slip through the cracks. 
  • Not following up on referrals. 
  • Neglecting to conduct a thorough screening process.   
  • Miscommunicating with a candidate. 
  • Not following up on candidates with “no thanks” messages.   
  • Losing out on applicants due to not following up on referrals.

Executive Recruiters

Why recruiters are no longer just looking for a job?

In today’s world, the job market is extremely competitive, and there are many people looking for work. This leaves recruiters with a tough choice to make when onboarding new candidates: hire the wrong person or pass up hiring someone who could be the perfect fit. In order to avoid this dilemma, here are some of the more common recruitment pitfalls that companies should avoid and what they should do instead.

When looking for the right personnel, these are the top things to avoid: 

  1. Bad attitude 
  2. Lack of competence 
  3. Unsolicited applicants 
  4. Bouncing checks 
  5. Bad references 
  6. Unsolicited applicants 
  7. Lack of cooperation 
  8. Bad attitude 
  9. No experience 
  10. Poor school grades

Who to hire as your first hire

To avoid the common pitfalls, interviewers should find out if the candidate has previous experience with your type of business as a requirement. A candidate that is not from the industry might have a significantly better chance of landing a position if they have gone through a similar experience.

The best people will always find a way to work for you, and the worst people will never work for you. 

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