Going For Fireplaces Installment? Check Out These Designs First!

When it comes to hiring experts for the instalment or renovation of fireplace Melbourne, exploring available styles and designs is the right thing to do. Below we have listed some amazing fireplace ideas that you can share with your fireplace service provider and implement it with ease.

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Patterned Cement Tiles

If you are looking for something durable yet attractive, cement patterned tiles are the best. The amazing part about such a fireplace is that you can pick the desired design that goes with your interior or any size.

Beach Fireplace

No one might have ever imagined that you can bring fire and beach look altogether. Choose a soothing blue colour for your fireplace tiles mixed with beige at some places. You can also go for pebble tiles for the complete beach feeling.

Concrete Tiles with Bold Patterns

It’s time to state your living area with concrete tiles for your fireplace, which have bold patterns on it. This gives a perfect Bohol appearance to your area. Pick any eye-popping geometric pattern and hang a dream-catcher on the wall.

Get Bricks

Brick fireplaces are the traditional and authentic ones. The brick fireplace allows you to choose the desired colour that goes with the interior. If you are confused about the colour, choose red or white and keep things simple. You can even paint the bricks yourself after installation. For example, you can colour the fireplace blue if your couch is blue. Just pick your paintbrush and get creative!

Fireplace with Marble Slab

For all the elegant people, marble Gas Log Heaters Melbourne are here. As we all know there are a huge variety of marble designs, patterns, and materials. White, off-white, grey, black, you can choose anything. You can even ask experts to help you out. The best part about marble slap fireplace is that they are easy to clean and maintain. They give the stylish look to your area you always wanted.

Natural Wood/Porcelain Tile

Want to get natural? Porcelain tiles are perfect for you. If you have wooden flooring already, these tiles will complement them completely. This gives a warm and cosy look to your house and one can feel contented sitting in front of such an amazing fireplace.

White Brick Fireplace

You can keep your fireplace new forever by going for white bricks. They are clean, modern, and ageless. It’s important to define edges accurately of these bricks so that your fireplace look new; therefore, don’t go for ‘do it yourself’ painting. Let fireplace experts handle it. No matter which type of interior you’ve, white brick fireplace is suitable for all.

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German Fireplace

Yes, it’s one of those fireplaces that you might have seen in many movies. Experts can use distressed painted bricks by using the faux antique treatment for a true rustic-inspired fireplace. Most of such fireplaces are called German Smear. Recall history with German fireplace!

Whether you want close or Open Fireplaces Melbourne, the above ideas are suitable for both. All you have to do is just hire a reliable team for a fireplace installation.

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