Get That Home Court Advantage: A Guide to Caring for Your Basketball Court

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If you’re the proud owner of your very own basketball court in the backyard, congratulations! You’ve just added hours upon hours of enjoyment to your family’s life, and have made it much easier to hold casual basketball games at your place instead of having to trek to the gym each time. Now that you’ve got your Home Basketball Court Sydney, what should you do to make sure it stays in good shape?

How can I maintain my basketball court?

Proper court maintenance is crucial because it preserves the longevity of the court and provides a safe playing surface. When you maintain your court, you’re also preserving the safety of those who play on it. Take care of your basketball court by following these easy steps! Mow grass or rake leaves off the court before they can clog drains or be tracked onto the floor. Keep rainwater from accumulating on the court with appropriate drainage in place; during heavy rain, keep an eye out for puddles. Use pressure washers to clean up gum and other debris that get stuck in cracks between seams.

Maintenance FAQ’s

1. What should I do about my basketball court’s surface? 2. How often should I clean my basketball court? 3. Should I use a broom or a vacuum cleaner on my basketball court? 4. What is the best way to clean up after a game? 5. How often should I seal and re-coat my basketball court’s surface? 6. Can you repair cracks in a basketball court surface with resurfacing material?

Clean it regularly

Keeping your court clean is the key to success. You don’t have to do it every day, but you should be sweeping and brushing it at least once a week if you’re playing on it often. You can use a pressure washer or just scrub with a brush or broom, whichever is most convenient. And remember not to sweep debris into the cracks!

Maintain it when needed

Maintaining a basketball court can be a lot of work. You should plan on taking care of your court at least twice a week, whether that be sweeping, raking, or just making sure the ground is clear and the lines are visible. You will also want to spend time doing more intensive maintenance once every couple of months. Some of this includes fixing up any holes in the wall, sealing cracks in concrete, leveling surfaces if they have shifted over time, cleaning up gum or other sticky substances that may have been dropped on the court (like using a rubber blade), painting over scratches if needed with acrylic paint for better visibility, repairing any nets around hoops if needed.

Protect your investment!

To get the most out of your investment, it’s important to take care of your Home Basketball Court Installation. Preventive maintenance, or taking care of small issues before they become big ones, will save you money in the long run and keep your basketball court looking great. If using an acid-based cleaner is not an option, use baking soda mixed with water to remove oil stains. Get rid of any standing water that might be puddling on your court by running a sprinkler over it, especially after rainstorms when possible.


Before you can make the most of your court, you need to know how to care for it. After all, a basketball court is one of the most expensive and time-consuming investments that most people will ever make. So take good care of it! We hope this guide has been helpful in your pursuit of having a beautiful, well-cared-for home court.

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