Features You Want In Your Custom Home

Well, no doubt we all want those lush green fields, the golden beaches and crystal clear waters. But in the meantime, here are many features that you really should have in your Custom Homes Adelaide if you want to live a stress-free life. 

Describe the five features of a custom home

Five features that would make for the perfect home are a functional, aesthetic, environmental, pragmatic, and simple design. A custom home can do just that; that being said, a custom home can be anything within those five features. For example, owners of custom homes may need either functional or aesthetic features; they need either environmentally friendly designs, or they want to upgrade their living space through practical means. Custom homes are also meant to seem simple in design and understated when attention is not required.

What are the benefits of a custom home?

With a custom home, you can build exactly what you want. You get to control every detail because you are in control of the design and construction process. If a staircase is difficult to create on-site, the homeowner can order a new staircase during construction and install it at the of their choice. A custom home also comes with homeownership advantages such as no association dues, no rental taxes, an end-of price point when buying or selling your home.

Custom Homes Adelaide

How has the design industry changed over time?

People are constantly making new advances in the design industry. In reaction to the industrial revolution, designers felt that taking a more humanistic approach to design was needed. One of their solutions came from bringing back natural form and shape from nature. This change led to adjustments to materials and processing as well. Technology has also allowed for different approaches to building design.

How have progressions in technology changed home building industries?

Both existing construction insurance policies and the new rapid-construction insurance policies have been quickly executed. In addition, the builder does not have access to these recent advancements. The innovative features that should be implemented help maintain an efficient work schedule. For example, laser cutter machines can quickly create complex geometries with just one click of a button. This can help minimize the time between job and job completion.

What are some examples of high end and mass-produced homes from today?

Some examples of high mass-manufactured homes that have been designed to cater to the general public are cookie-cutter houses. The dominant style of these houses is a large master and multiple living quarters, each with its own bathroom. On the other hand, there are high-end custom homes like waterfront estates in Seattle. Some of these homes have over 20,000 square feet and cost around 100 million dollars. In time, wealthy of one person can buy these types of homes.


The features you want when going custom in the home are harder to figure out and seem less logical than the other features of a home. This is where referrals come in handy! Let’s look at the features you’ll want from your new house: Low-Windows, tax credits, solar panels, natural gas, and accessible walk doorways.

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