Common Issues To Look Out For When Buying A Used Car

Buying used cars Newcastle is usually a great way to save money on your next vehicle, but it can also be a stressful experience. Here are some common issues you should look out for if you’re buying from someone else rather than from a dealership:

Major Accidents

If you’re looking at second hand cars Cardiff and can’t see any major damage, ask the seller about it. You should also look for large dents and scratches on the exterior of the vehicle.

A major accident is one that would have required extensive repairs to fix. It’s possible that your potential purchase could have been involved in an accident without anyone realizing it–but if there are signs of this kind of damage (such as rust around a door), then chances are high that something happened with this car before you bought it!

If there’s any doubt about what happened during its lifetime, ask questions until everything becomes clear: How many owners has this car had? What was its history before coming into your possession? And most importantly: Has anything ever gone wrong with its engine/transmission/etc.?

Common Issues To Look Out For When Buying A Used Car

Flood Damage

Flood damage is one of the most common issues with used cars. It’s also something that’s hard to detect from the outside, so you’ll want to make sure you look inside as well. Check for signs of rust and water stains on the floor mats and carpeting, along with any other visible damage in the interior of your car.

Flooded cars may also have electrical problems, so if you notice anything unusual when starting up or turning off your car–such as lights flickering or computers shutting down unexpectedly–it could be due to electrical damage caused by flooding.

It’s important to check for oil leaks too: if there are any noticeable drips coming from under your vehicle after driving it around town for a few minutes (or longer), then this could point towards engine failure due to corrosion due to being exposed during high water levels during floods.

Mechanical Issues

A mechanical issue is any problem with the car’s engine or transmission. These can range from minor problems, like a faulty wiring harness, to major issues like a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder heads.

Mechanical issues are often hard to detect without professional help because they’re not obvious from just looking at the outside of the vehicle and can be repaired by an experienced technician in only minutes–but they could cost you thousands of dollars if left unrepaired for too long.

Check under the hood for signs of damage (e.g., bent or broken components) and excessive oil leaks that may indicate worn seals around engine components such as valve covers or timing chain covers; these parts will need replacing eventually anyway but should be replaced sooner rather than later because they cost less when purchased new than when purchased used with existing damage already done!


We hope that this article has helped you to better understand the potential issues with used cars Newcastle. It’s important to keep in mind that not every car is going to have issues, but there are some things that you can look out for if you want to minimize risk and find a great deal.

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