Can Saunas Help With Breathing Or Sinus Issues?

Have you ever wondered if Saunas Australia can help with breathing or sinus issues? We did, too. We took a deep dive into the research and found that while there are certainly other benefits to taking a sauna (like relaxation and stress relief), it’s not necessarily going to cure your chronic issues.

However, we did find some promising studies suggesting it could be helpful—so there’s no reason not to try it!

Treat asthma

Saunas can help with asthma, but they’re not a cure. They can be used to ease symptoms and improve your overall health, though.

The best way to reap the benefits of saunas is by using them regularly at home or in a clinic. You want to use a controlled environment like this because you’ll be able to choose the right temperature for yourself and keep track of how often you use it.

As far as what kind of sauna is best for treating asthma, any kind will do so long as it reaches temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius).

You should sit inside the sauna for 20 minutes per session at least once per week or more often if needed—usually two or three sessions per week should suffice if done correctly—and then gradually increase your time sitting indoors until you reach about an hour total per session after several weeks have passed since starting out with shorter sessions first (it may take up to six months before results are seen depending on how severe your condition was initially).

saunas australia

Treat allergies

Saunas can help with allergies in a few ways. First, they reduce pollen and dust particles in your home by increasing humidity. Second, indoor pollutants like mold spores and pet dander are also decreased by raising the temperature of your home’s air. 

Third, saunas increase vitamin D production in the body which may help reduce allergy symptoms. Fourth, saunas improve blood circulation throughout the body so that any allergens that enter through your nose or mouth are more easily flushed out with mucus when you sneeze or cough.

Additionally, there is some evidence that infrared sauna sessions can reduce inflammation caused by respiratory infections such as colds or flu.

Improve sinus health

The steam from the sauna can help to clear out your sinuses. Since it will be hot and humid, this allows for more moisture to form inside your nose and throat, which helps reduce congestion. You’ll also find that breathing in air that’s slightly cooler than normal might be easier on your lungs as well.

In addition to reducing congestion and pain/pressure symptoms, it can also help with inflammation, swelling, nasal congestion and an improved sense of smell (think of all those tasty aromas!).

If you have asthma or another respiratory condition that causes difficulty breathing out stale air during exercise then getting into a sauna after exercising could result in further complications (especially if there is no ventilation).

 However even this isn’t necessarily bad because you’ll probably feel better overall since you’re doing something beneficial for yourself anyway!

Reduce congestion

One of the main reasons people get sinus infections is because their nasal passages are clogged. This can be due to allergies, or just the way your body works (if you have tried everything else and still haven’t gotten rid of your sinus problems, then it’s likely that this is why).

Saunas have been shown to help clear out nasal passages because they increase blood flow in the body. That increased blood flow helps open up all areas of your respiratory system, including your nose and lungs, so it may help with sinus issues as well.


As you can see, there are many benefits to using saunas Australia. By improving circulation, breathing and sinus health, saunas are an easy way to get relief from allergies, asthma or congestion. 

Saunas can also help with stress reduction and relaxation so that you can enjoy your time in one without feeling like your body is suffering from it later on.

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