Amazing SEO-Oriented Writing Tips That Nobody Has Told You

SEO writing is no joke. You have to be more knowledgeable as well as grammatically correct in the field. To achieve a satisfactory result from your website, it’s crucial to write SEO-friendly content. Even if you have hired the Best SEO Company Canberra, you must never overlook how your content has been posted on your website, social media accounts, or for guest posting.

Today, we will discuss some useful tips & trick for making your writing more SEO loveable.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Some writers feel like writing over a topic on their point of view. In reality, they must write everything around their customer. For example, if you are writing about smartphones, you must choose a topic that any random user will interest in. Instead of putting your viewpoint, writing something that will attract the reader such as camera quality, storage, price, etc.

Write headlines full of punches

Don’t write those old and overused headings. Go for something attractive that will leave an impression on the users. As per experienced digital marketing agency Canberra, the headlines must be interesting, clear, and topic centric. The heading must be interesting enough that the user reads it and directly click the link to explore the entire article/blog.

Use Keywords only where it’s required

Your article ranks for not only for one keyword but multiple keywords. So use primary keyword along with various secondary (supporting) keywords. Use the primary keyword in headings and repeat it at least twice or thrice in the blog of 500 words. Use a secondary keyword(s) once in the entire blog and try to keep them as natural as possible.

Create a structure

A blog is about using the right keywords, writing attractive heading, and listing useful information. You have to make a great content structure. Your blog or article must be writing in such a way that Google would want to show to the searchers. For example, if you are writing about ‘top 10 refrigerators,’ use a list in which you have defined thoroughly about each refrigerator along with specification and feature table. This looks more organised and attractive.

Use Images

Nowadays, using relatable images is as necessary as writing quality content. Make sure that whichever topic you are writing about must have related images of better quality. You can also go for GIFs and videos which attract more users. But, don’t overuse them as they might take the attention of your readers from the text. So you have to use images precisely.

Monitory each activity

Monitor your efforts to see where you are going. Make the best use of Google Analytics for an easy and free way to determine the average views on your content. Keep a record of things like bounce rate and time so that you could post your next content accordingly.

So, you have read all the top tricks for writing the best and the most SEO-friendly content.

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