5 Secrets of DIY Hacks to Remove Skin Lotion Stains from Carpets

Many people have started following the natural trend of keeping up with their health, but sometimes it can be difficult to remember everything you should and shouldn’t do. One of the ways to avoid over-dosing on chemicals is to purchase organic skin lotion, but there’s one major problem—the bottles can leak, leaving an unsightly stain on your carpet! Instead of buying new carpeting or expensive cleaning products, follow these five secrets of DIY hacks to remove skin lotion stains from carpets.

Scrubbing can be bad for carpet.

Stubborn stains on your carpet can be frustrating—but don’t scrub. If you’re dealing with a stain caused by grease or lotion, rubbing it can spread further and make it harder to remove. Consider these tips; instead, dabbing at the spot may be more effective than scrubbing at it, so try dabbing up as much as possible before moving on to other methods. Dampen an old toothbrush with hot water and rub that into your carpet. Try spraying white vinegar onto a clean cloth and blotting at any particularly stubborn spots. Removing stains yourself will only cost you more time and money and may even leave your carpet damaged beyond repair. It’s always best to call in a pro for stain removal. 

Using a sponge, the stain with a dry-cleaning solvent.

First, sponge with a dry-cleaning solvent. Avoid rubbing since that can make stains worse by pushing them deeper into carpet fibers. Work in small sections, blotting and using clean white towels when you get saturated with stain remover. If possible, put an absorbent underlay beneath your carpet (e.g., sheets of cardboard), which will help contain spilled cleaning solution and keep it away from your floor’s finish or other areas where you don’t want liquid buildup.

Carpet Cleaning Heidelberg

Be conscious while using baking powder

If you cannot get rid of carpet cleaning Heidelberg stains, try not using baking powder. It’s normal for baking powder to cause some stains on carpets because it is a mild chemical. Because in most cases, people use a mixture that is already made with ingredients including sugar and other condiments, which may worsen carpet stains even more. Some tips when dealing with skin lotion stains on carpets are don’t put pressure on them: 

Blotting instead of rubbing might help lessen the stain. 

Clean your carpets immediately after removing any excess lotion or baking soda, especially if moisture is still present.

Rinse the carpet using a citrus solvent

Citrus-based solvents are natural cleaners that have strong acidic properties. The combination of cleaning agents and acidity will help remove skin lotion stains off your carpet with ease. If you don’t have citrus solvent, you can use vinegar or lemon juice instead. Simply soak a soft rag in water mixed with citrus solvent and squeeze out excess liquid. Rub it gently on affected areas until lotion is completely removed. Be careful not to rub too hard as you may damage your carpet fibers.

Focus on regular cleaning

Because it’s tougher to get out, you must get lotion stains removed as soon as possible. The longer a stain sits on your carpet, the harder it will be to remove, and eventually, you might find yourself replacing that carpet with something new. To avoid these headaches, make sure you’re focusing on getting carpet cleaning Heidelberg wide service for your carpets—once or twice a month should do it!

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